Microwave link issues have been resolved, and the link system is now fully operational (from JPARA).

Next Meeting

The next meeeting will be held on November 18th, 2017. It will be held at the K5WPH Club House located at 3709 Wickham, El Paso Tx.

Meal service has yet to be determined, so if anyone has any ideas please let someone on the board know so we can make arrangement.

System Status

We are currently aware of these issues:

1. We are experiencing occasional path fades on the microwave link between Caballo and Little Florida. Signal stregnth on both ends is approximately -60 dBm. We noticed we have a "high" speed fan fail on both radios, so a plan is in place to replace the radios, and bring them down for repair. We also need to schedule a work day, and re-locate the grid dish on Caballo Peak a little higher on the tower to improve it Line of Site to Little Flo.

2. Jacks Peak main remote operates on a "split" antenna, the receive antenna is atop the tower, the transmitter is lower. The receive antenna is a 4-dipole array type antenna. Earlier this year, we found HALF of that antenna on the ground several sites awaw. It would appear over the winter the antenna broke in half. We can guess the condition of the half still attached to the top of the tower, by looking at the broken off piece. So for now, JACKS is operating with a broken receive antenna. Plans are to replace the antenna (replacement is already inhand) and while there, clean up the tower, as there are a bunch of unused antennas that need to be removed.

3. Caballo peak back bone radio is one of a very few "non standard" Kenwoods; it is a Motorola MSF. It developed a Power OUT issue, and went into alarm. Currently, the PA is by-passed, and it is operatiing off the exciter in overide mode. It is serving it's purpose at this point, so so repair is scheduled for this issue.

4. Guthrie Peak is experiencig "some difficulties". It appears that the MMC controller on the system has malfunctioned, and is blowing squelch onto the system. We have another controller to replace it, but it has been hightly modified, so it is not a simple plug and play switch.



All JPARA and Cactus members are invited to check into the Morning net. Our system cover many time zones, so check with your local group to find out what time the net is locally. The net is hosted by Tom, AB7IC, and Jerry N5IMJ. Occasionally, other net controls will sneak in, like Budd N7EOJ. We routinely have check-in's from California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

This is an informal Roll-call style net. It affords us the opportunity to check our linking status, and confirm all remote base sites are in working order. Plus. we just get to say good morning to the group. Start you day off with a big ol' Cactus Smile.

So, if you are a member and are up early, stop by and say hello